Monday’s Daily Drop

Back to the grind and I don’t mean of the smith variety. Nope, the work weeks is back and the bro-deo of ASR is in the rear view mirror. It was great as always to catch up with the assorted cast and crew of characters. I’ll get the ASR gallery and tales from Sn Die-Bro up later this week. For right now you’ll have to suffer through the headlines and a news of the day.

King of the Road
The teams rolled into San Diego and the results are in:

1. Blind

2. Foundation

3. Black Label

4. Zoo York

For all the official King of the Road news read Thrasher. Actually, why aren’t you reading Thrasher Magazine already? After following their update I have no clue how Label took third. Actually, I do know know. As a matter of fact …we all know why. The Label lucked out on having Sheckler show up…

‘The Man Who Souled the World’
“I love Rocco. Kill Rocco”
-John Lucero drops a nice tip that the movie about the life and times of Steve Rocco has an updated website and trailer. Skate Daily has been on top of this for some time and we blogged about it back in July. Catch our post and trailer here.

Skate and Annoy’s Good Reading Tip of the Day
Another site you should be checking out daily is Skate and Annoy. Holy crap, it’s good stuff. They had hands down the best coverage of the Trifecta and are on top of it in so many ways it shames me. Easily one of the funniest things I have read in awhile popped up on their site via Concrete Disciples. You remember CD right? You are using it for the most comprehensive skate park guide in all the land? OK, sweet back to the jibber jabber. Well, some d-bag decided to post on CD how he was going to start complaining to Portland officials about Burnside after he and his kids were run out of there. Now, nobody condones violence. At least I don;t but after reading this guys words and experiencing his attitude online I can easily see why he was asked to leave.

Really go and read it for yourself…OK, you’re back. Kind of an elitist asshole right? At least he’s vocal to the point where we realize it and don’t have to wait for it to becoem self evident. What a douche.

Behind the Griptape
Finally, yes, I am finally getting around to posting this. Finally…. Rory Sheridan from 29 Films made a nice little movie biting off Epicly Later’d. Funny, graphic and resplendent in beer bongs.

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