On the Road with Thrasher’s King of the Road 2007

With the Dew Tour and the X games grabbing so much mainstream attention it’s easy to let some of the smaller more innovative contests slip by under the radar. Red Bull puts on solid events like Manny Mania. eS puts on the Game of S.K.A.T.E and their brethren in etnies have the GvR series (more on that later). Vans gets into the mix with their Downtown Showdown but perhaps the most ambitious (and gnar) is Thrasher’s King of the Road.

The KOTR is an ongoing tradition several years strong now. With teams driving from remote locations to their final destination and capturing tricks at spots along the way. The theme runs back to the good old fashioned “Get in the f*cking van and go” days of skating. No Hollywood clubs, no 50 foot crashes just skating and its most raw elements at spots sh*tty and beautiful nationwide. The teams don’t know what to expect on the road and in the past have been treated to guest skaters such as Jeff Grosso coming on board at the 11th hour to annihilate the spot.

This year we get an extra dose of “how’s your father” as the action gets the blog treatment. click below for each participating teams blog and don’t forgot to wash your naughty bits after being around loose women. OK, enough rambling go read Thrasher.

Thrasher’s 2007 King of the Road Teams

Black Label’s KOTR Blog

Blind’s KOTR Blog

Foundation’s KOTR Blog

Zoo York’s KOTR Blog

Yup, The TatZoo Crew is in effect.

Suski is down for Thrasher and a little Gonz skart.

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