Monday Drop: Young Rippers and A.V.E Vans Clothing

One weekend down and one more to go before heading westward to ASR. Thankfully Jet Blue hasn’t gone out of business so I can fly on my fancy blog budget to go skate Coronado, Encinitas and Washington street. I might just attend the aforementioned trade show. But, enough about that. With a weekend trip West coming up I had to put in lots of time. You know yard sales, a concert, some heavy drinking of light beers and of course that meant a n ice little weekend. There might have been some Home Depot, a little Bed Bath and Beyond. really it just depends on how much time I have before skating. yes, I am a regular Frank the Tank. Good Times. But enough of my ‘Old School’ ramblings let’s move onto the updates

Ben Hatchell
Back when Vans was opening skate parks across the country a bunch of young rippers suddenly had strange new places to annihilate. Located outside of Washington D.C. was the Woodbridge Vans skate park. if you were lucky you’d see a bunch of things happening at this park. You saw ECRW galvanize a bunch of skaters across the region into a well connected army ready to build their scene up to greater heights. There was always the chance to see Dave Grohl (Scream, Nirvana, Foo Fighters) cruising through the park and stopping to talk to a few skaters. Of course the best part was watching the young bloods destroy the big kidney and other terrain. Ben Hatchell was one of those young rippers. Ben was super grom who would show up and slay. Soon enough he was getting flow from Plug skateboards and now is on Powell wood and Bones wheels. recently Ben took a win at the amateur vert comp at summer x. Watch what Ben can do for yourself. Apparently the relocation a few years back to Texas has treated this young buck right.

AVE Clothing
Speaking of Vans it’s no secret that A.V.E. has his onw clothign line rolling out through the original since ’66. Now, you can check it out at the micro site vans pulled together. Check the clean and stylish AV Apparel line right here

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