Nike SB Drop: Joe Strummer Dunk Low

Rudy can’t fail that’s for damn sure. So while making the morning rounds through the Internet slums I came across a gem. From the gleaming pages of hypebeast comes a rumored new Nike SB. That’s right, allegedly the swoosh has cooked up the Strummer Guitar Low. Named after who? You guessed it. Former Clash fronts man Joe Strummer. The SBSG Low appears to be modeled after Joe’s famed ’66 Fender telecaster.

Who can’t remember the first time you heard ‘London Calling’ from beginning to end. The tracks were painfully good with the soul of revolution rock packed in by the pound. Later years saw his group Joe Strummer and the Mesacaleros gain steam. Their final work he released: ‘Streetcore‘ was his best work since the Clash. Lucky for you and I there appears to be a Joe Strummer blitzkrieg coming our way five years after his untimely passing.

Fender has commissioned Sheperd Fairy of Obey to do the graphics for the re-issued Joe Strummer fender:

Finally, a new documentary is screaming in your general direction. Going through years of Archival footage ‘The Future is Unwritten’ captures “who and what” of Joe Strummer: a punk rock warlord.

One thought on “Nike SB Drop: Joe Strummer Dunk Low

  1. When I was in Cleveland for the Dew Tour, I went and checked out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mostly just because it was there, you know? I wasn’t thinking I’d be blown away by, say Jerry Garcia guitar collection (though that ended up being kind of cool too). Anyway, point being: I wasn’t think rock artifacts would hit me very powerfully. But there was a whole exhibit on the Clash, lots of video of live Clash playing on the flat screens, the original tour costumes, lots of old flyers and posters and whatnot. And then I come around the corner, and there’s the bass Paul Simonon smashed, the cover shot of London Calling. Who had the foresight to hang on to the broken pieces of that bass guitar? How did it find its way to Cleveland? It blew me away. They even had some of the splinters that broke off. And back to Joe Strummer: Don’t you get a chill every time the opening credits for John From Cincinatti roll, with the vintage surf footage and Strummer singing Johnny Appleseed?

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