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You know pimpin’ ain’t easy. Not that I would know. I am about as far away from a pimp as I am being featured in the next Tony Hawk/EA Skate video game. Actually, the odds are greater I would be in a video game before having enough game to be a pimp. My lack of game actually can be blamed on skating. However, not having skills with the ladies is a conversation to discuss over about ten or twelve drinks out at ASR. But, I do know that blogging ain’t easy! Well, it’s not hard but the shit ain’t easy. So I figure it was time to drop some news links. Check it out. Some old. Some new. All good.

Etnies GvR of Surf
The goofy versus regular contest jumps into the wide wide world of surfing. “October 19-21, 2007 at the Pier in Oceanside, California. The etnies GvR of Surf brings together the best professional surfers in the world aligned by stance, Goofy foot (right foot forward) and Regular foot (left foot forward), to battle and reveal which stance is supreme. Team Goofy has appointed Chris Coté, editor of Transworld Surf, as their captain, while the Regulars appointed Surfing’s editor-in-chief, Evan Slater.” I have odds on Cote’ subbing in and going for his glory run. Maybe. I don’t know I just made that up. But GvR of surf is real. Check out for more details

Wall Street Still Loves Zumiez
I see the future and it will be a big box retail battle to the death between Zumiez, Pac Sun and Hollister. Of course I am just talking out of my ass. Sort of. While the rest of the economy is in the shitter kids still Love them some clothes. Hell, if you listen to piper jaffray analyst fashion make sup about 44% of a teens annual budget. for the record I am defining “budget” as the amount of money a teen spends inside a full year. I highly doubt teens are crunching numbers in quicken trying to diversify their earnings from hourly wages at Coffee Bean or Starbucks. But, I digress. Guess what category isn’t suffering as much? You got it, teen retail.

As a matter of fact Zumiez apparently killed it in Q2 and are often not just meeting but beating earnings. The industry is well aware of Zumiez 100K earning parties where employees get shipped to Colorado for some snow shredding but the end game as clearly pointed out in this article by is this: when they have room to grow, who can beat them right now?

Pac Sun Bangs the War Drum
Well for one, how about the awesome buying power of Pac Sun. CEO Sally Frame Kasaks dropped the hammer in this O.C. Metro article recently: “We all talk about ‘the industry’ with an enormous sense of pride,” Kasaks says. “I say, ‘Guys, put away your surfboards and get to work. I think there’s a lot to be done.’” Kasaks has set her sights on Hollister and company. Let Zumiez have the core brands. Let Zumiez chomp away at the niche. Her direction appears to be saying We are going for the throat of Middle America. The articles author Tiffany Montgomery packs lots of insight into two fairly short segments. For a more well rounded and informed opinion FROM Ms. Montgomery (rather than my ramblings) check out

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