Wednesday Drop: East Coast Infection and The Podcasts You Need Right Now

Hump to it baby. Yep, we’re doing the humpty hump. I never tried to understand Digital Underground I just enjoyed the muisc. However, if you love them you should check out the trailer for 29Films Berserker 9. Good skating from DC and beyond. But, with Humpty Dance as the segue way into a post regarding hump day aka Wednesday…ahh f*** it. Two things today First of Some DVS news and then a bunch of stuff on podcasts.

DVS East Coast Infection Tour
The DVS crew is in full swing demo mode cruising through the East Coast right now. If you are a fan of darn fin skateboarding that makes you happy like a hot fudge sundae or if you dig the styles of Daewon, Chico, Zered, Berra, Guru, Jimmy, and Joe Took etc …You might want to partake in this fine fine event. If you have no idea who those people are then you might want to really go so you can see skating the likes of which you won’t likely see again anytime soon. Check the official site for tour dates, a stellar map of shops where the team will be appearing, photos and video.

DVS East Coast Infection Tour

And yest that is Berra gripping a board. See, even pros have to do their own dirty work sometimes.

Poo’d Cast
A little known fact about our good friend iTunes: almost every major skate company posts a podcast on there. Pretty funny right? Well, I’ve been combing through some of the better ones and let me tell you there is a ton of great video on there. A few trailers, commericals and the like. But, occasionally we find some nuggets. So if you are looking for stuff to download here’s where you can get your free podcast.

My first picks up are:
Lakai Full Flaired Trailer #2: OK, raise your hand if you can’ wait to see this. Just watching this makes me want to go skate

Funny clip from Black Box Distribution (Fallen Footwear, Mystery, Zero) Nothing like effing around in the office!

Finally, this clip of Curren Caples just going huge from Flip. I wonder if it’s hard for him to walk having bigger balls than men four times his age.

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