Chris Haslam and Globe are ‘United by Fate’

By now you should all know that a certain 20-year-old red head dropped the snowboard -vert skating hammer last night up in Portland but that’s not what we are going to talk about today. No sir! I mean we could but really what’s the point. For as much crap as everybody gives him … Shaun White is killing it. So we are going to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee onto another skater who is having a very good summer: Chris Haslam.

Now if you love under a rock you might have missed that Globe Shoes is dropping their ‘United by Fate’ short film series online. The series kicked off with stellar segments and a spotlight on Paul Machnau. This past Friday UBF series was back and this time the focus falling on none other than Chris Haslam. I hear lots of mixed opinions on Chris almost daily. Isn’t amazing how nobody has ever met the pro but feels like they know him?

People talk about his fresh to hesh conversion or the fact that he and former pro Surfer Donavan Frankenreiter appear to be locked in a facial hair combat duel to the death. But, most of the comments all come back to his effortless style and ability to make a skateboard work it’s inherent magic under his feet. United by Fate goes from raw, grainy filming to real tight technical high end shots. Check it:

There’s an amazing, yet brief, segment with Mumford, Duncomb and Shane Cross. The brief interlude ends up being a nice tribute to Shane Cross who passed away earlier this year. The segment doesn’t distract at all from Haz’s focus and really rounds out Episode Two. Globe offers up some great behind the scenes photos form the filming of episode two. You can see the cast of skaters and the crew busting tail and goofing around. Check out the pictures when you get a chance. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Chris Haslam with a Banana Slug on a stick.

On top of the stellar movie release Globe is dropping Haslam’s first pro shoe with the company. Oddly enough I received this in my mailbox last nigh in response to yesterdays post:

Can you give us a shirt/shoe of the week recommendation? Since your looking at all the stuff it would be cool if you would highlight one or two of the cool pieces so i don’t have to think and can just focus on buying.

So since this is my blog and I’m going to give you what you want here it is… the first ever shoe of the week is the Globe Sabaton. Globe dropped a pretty cool spot with Haz skating to promote the sabaton. Watch the whole :30 seconds and you can catch a glimpse of the product towards the end. Check it:

The Sabaton comes with everything you’d expect from a good shoe in this day and age of high tech vulcanized goodness. The list starts with the reinforced toe cap, a shock absorbing foot liner and a unique twist in overall design round out a few of the features. Globe definitely stepped up the game with the Sabaton and it’ll be interesting to see if it catches on. Nice work by them and Mr.Haslam

That’s it for today but the week is just getting started so now. Watch United By Fate Episode two and then go skate.

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