Friday Drop In: Let Your Little Skater Out & More

Danny Way Owns ‘SKATE’ (or at least his thumb does)

“It’s a small appendage but it owns every spot”
-John Rattray

EA is cranking up the hype machine for their new game ‘Skate’ and pulling no punches. Some go as far to hail it as the next evolution of skateboarding and video games. In reality, to most skaters, video games are nothing more than a diversion to keep us from actually stepping outside and skating. But, if you consider you life work skateboarding and you office is where urethane meets pavement then this might be just the thing for you. I mean, all work and no play applies to skating as much as anything else right?

Thus, with the hype in full tilt it’s fun to watch the commercials. Watch this latest drop starring Danny Way, Rob Dyrdek, TK, John Rattray and a host of others.

The videos will be making the rounds with Dyrdek and Mike Carroll’s dropping soon enough. Backing the videos up are a few print ads that have their own level of funny going on. Check out Danny’s print ad below.

“You mess with the thumb, you get the nail.”
– Danny’s Thumb

DC’s Moto Team Works Pack
Finally, continuing to support action sports of all shapes and flavors, DC Shoes gets back into the custom pack game with their inaugural 2007 Moto Team Works collection. A first for DC they step it up by dropping customized shoes with four of their moto team riders. As we all know DC doesn’t slouch on talent and you can find some heavy hitters in here. Check the release notes.

DC is proud to present its first-ever DC Moto TeamWorks collection, a personality-based footwear collaboration built to honor four of DC’s elite motocross athletes. DC Team Riders Travis Pastrana, Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath and Nate Adams each worked with DC in the creation of their own customized TeamWorks collection pack that include a pair of shoes, T-shirt and hat. The riders were involved in all aspects of the design process by handpicking the shoe model, patterns, designs, materials, colors and details to suit their individual styles.

Looking at the collection in brief, Jeremy McGrath doesn’t stray to far from the moto roots with a boot and Travis keeps his classic Suzuki yellow present and interestingly enough drops in the Subaru blue. Very nice indeed.

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