Wednesday Drop: The Life Of Ryan Sheckler, Manny Mania

Ryan Sheckler on MTV
We’ve been hearing about it for months and yet I’ve seen zippy on the footage side until last night. Surfing around the old web. I stumble don the trailer for the new MTV series ‘The Life of Ryan Sheckler’. The Etnies-Volcom-Plan B wunderkind has his series rolling out on August 27th. Rather than attempt to shock the Hot Topic crowd ala’ Bam margera or just be Felix and Oscar Odd Couple Funny ala’ Rob and Big, no this series goes a different route. Have you ever seen the MTV crap fest ‘Laguna Beach’ or the spin off crapfest ‘The Hills’? Well, the Sheckster is getting the same treatment. Now you can watch the official trailer for ‘The Life of Ryan Sheckler’

Red Bull’s Manny Mania
You Have to love Red Bull for throwing down these contests. True street feel. Top notch pros all in all a big thumbs up for bringing a skate comp to areas that don’t typically get it. I’ve selected a couple of my favorite shots from the competition.
Check ’em and pray this comp comes back in 2008.
Somebody done gone and got themselves a redesign! check it out from the guys. Looks good and the site continues to deliver skateboard related news daily. Top notch all around. Visit Skatedaily every damn day. I do.

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