Oregone Trifecta Update: Two East Coast Guys and a Euro

Really with a headline like that you should be expecting a movie with 80’s stalwart Steve Guttenberg. Oh, that wacky Guttenberg… I digress. Rumblings out of Portlands Pier Park from skateandannoy.com have the results flowing as such:
Pro results:
1st place: Rune Glifberg.
2nd place: Sergie Ventura.
3rd place: Benji Galloway.

1st place: Glen Charnoski.
2nd: Steve Alba.
3rd place: Buck Smith.

1st place: Julie Kindstrom.
2nd: Jessica Starkweather.
3rd place Holly Lyons.

And in case you haven’t… head over to skateandannoy.com and follow along with their Oregon Trifecta coverage.

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