Trifecta Time!

Given the fact that I am officially over the hill in terms of skating things like the 2007 Oregon Trifecta bring a smile to my face. Lots of parks, big walls, fast skating. The kind of skating where the faster you go the more in control you are. That’s good skating right there. We saw Benji Galloway take this a few years running but then Rune stepped in last year and walked away with it. But, really. Who cares? The thing is you don’t get to see this level of skating happen over three consecutive days very often. It happens once a year. It happens in Oregon. It’s called the Trifecta. It’s an amazing thing of beauty. No Mega Ramps, no mega slams, no video games just balls to the wall skating. If you are in the North West. Now you know where you should be starting today through Sunday.

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