Back to the Banks in NYC!

Wow, it’s either really late or super early. That’s the funny thing about the passage and position of time like everything else it’s all about perspective. Yesterday, or much earlier today, was a good day. Tonight, or just a little bit ago, was pretty solid too. Catching up with friends super secret skate sessions all providing all the fuel to fire me up for the weekend. I was excited late tonight to finally catch Bucky lasek’s ‘First Hand’ on Fuel TV. They had a nice clip from the Skate Park of Baltimore Fundraiser when the Dew Tour rolled through town. I caught a glimpse of DK at the party and nice promo from the crew at Mobtown skateboards. The Mobtown Guys assembled the whole evening and hopefully they get to breaking ground soon on another public park.

Back to the Banks
Going back to one of the original spots that put the East Coast on the is what this weekend is all about up in New York. This weekend 5Boro Skateboards, Volcom, Emerica, Independent trucks and Red Bull bring you Back to the Banks. If you’ve never made a pilgrimage to the Brooklyn Banks this would be the weekend to go. You will be guaranteed some amazing skating that’s coming out pretty damn raw. I can’t imagine too much Hollywood prefabricated stuff being toted down to this event. New Yorkers have done a great job of keeping the Brooklyn Banks alive as a spot for skaters to come from whereever and enjoy. Like the Pro-tec Pool Party this is an event that must be witnessed with your own eyes to fully appreciate it.

Manny Mania
24 hours later, and depending how hard you party, pull your best Jack Bauer maneuvers and you’ll find yourself smack in the middle of Red Bull’s Manny Mania. As the fine folks at Red Bull have to say:

Taking place underneath the Manhattan Bridge at Coleman Park, Manny Mania will be thumping with New York’s energy and a custom-built manny feature that includes a giant hip and a multi-layered pad. The jam format of the Contest allows skaters to session like they would with their friends – no pressure, just fun. This isn’t just another Sunday in the park though – on August 12th skaters have the chance to walk away with a giant payout and a jewel-encrusted pimp cup. The Contest will be free to the public, starting at 3pm EST and will be webcast live at

Check for the results from all the Manny Mania stops, videos, and more. Now, this is no joke check out this list of heavy hitters from the Invite List:
Kenny Anderson, Zered Bassett, Brandon Biebel, Chico Brenes, Joey Brezinski, Ronnie Creager , Devine Calloway, Daniel Castillo, Nick Dompierre, Kerry Getz, Chris Haslam, Chris Roberts, Danny Supa and Brian Wenning.

Need More New York City Flavor?

If you’re going to roll into the Big Apple just make sure you’ve done your homework…study up with the complete Epicly Later’d episodes with Steve Rodriguez from 5Boro
Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

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