You Know It’s Bad When …. Part One

“I guess that AMEX commerical of him jetsetting with a guy friend was a hint”

I worked for a person once who really wanted to tie the “drop kick to the stomach” power of Hollywood celebrities to action sports. I felt dirty the entire time said person pushed this agenda. I just couldn’t buy into it. Eventually, I didn’t work for that person anymore and I didn’t feel sleazy. However, that person may have been on to something. Clearly everybody knows some of these people. When Somebody says snowboarding I think the following: “Fun, want to go ride, new tricks, Terje rules and Can;’t wait to go riding”. In larger circles where you don’t religiously check weather reports October through March, spend a large portion of your paycheck on lift passes and thinks two feet of fresh snow is a hassle… then you probably think Shaun White when you hear snowboarding.

Now Hollywood’s hair dye avenger is jumping on the Tomato Train. Check out the pic Perez posted. You gotta admit White might be shooting for a bit too much Robert Plant and coming short with Ronny James Dio. Yes, a day is wasted with a Dio short Joke. Now Perez Hilton may be inferring something other than glam band rock n’ roll status but that’s non of our damn business.

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