X Games Day Four: Did Something Happen Yesterday?

X Games Day Four
Saturday has come and gone at the X Games. I know there was some moto stuff and some BMX stuff. Daniel Dhers won BMX park and Bestwick won vert. Didn’t Bestwick say he wasn’t competing in anymore X Games back in 2006? Didn’t that happen? In other news the skate vert competition ended up being, well, boring Shaun White won and has completed his trifecta of Olympic, Summer X and Winter X golds. His run that he stomped at the end looked frighteningly similar to one of his snowboard runs. I counted two, maybe three, lip tricks. All in all, somewhat boring and that’s kind of sad. At least we don’t have to suffer through vert best trick.

So apparently Ricky Carmicahel won in the inaugural motocross race. Again, X Games started to include freestyle motocross because it was the antithesis of motocross but now X Games in including motocross. I know it’s a rabbit hole of hypocrisy, commercials and chasing down dollars but what are you going to do? Backflips in moto are commonplace and the sweeping return to traditional “finish line” events ESPN appears to be making is simply… just going to happen. Of course if you drew a comparison in motocross racing dollars to freestyle dollars it would be akin to comparing all of the water in the pacific ocean to the all the water in Lake Winnetka. Racing simply has more dollars and ESPN has exhausted to the highest levels the dolalrs they can draw out of FMX. There isn’t a low barrier to entry market as with skateboarding. C’est la view first man across the line wins. At least it’s more entertaining than step up.

Overall X Games Thirteen gets a solid C+. Really, there was nothing new. Nothing inventive nothing that said “progression” the highlight of the event was finding out an Australian Skater was not dead. When somebody “surviving” a 40 foot plus fall is the shining moment of your broadcast it’s time to seriously rethink what you are doing. I wonder how many executives at ESPN are secretly happy Jake Brown had that crash. I will say this. Jake’s fall woke everybody up and gave ESPN their water cooler moment. Sadly, they won’t back off stuff like mega ramp and inviting under qualified athletes (Scott Murray) they’ll happily trade carnage for ratings. Hey that’s show business. Personally, I’d rather go skate.

Das Rumor Mill
The Olympic chatter continues out and around the X Games. The New York Times continues to dip its big toe into the action sports world and sniffs around the future of Olympic Action Sports. Now this is somewhat old news but they do a good job of summing it all up. With the inclusion of skating and BMX the Summer Olympics hopes to capture the same excitement snowboarding provided in Salt Lake and Torino. As the Times goes on to state “In June, after eight years of negotiations, the three groups reached an agreement for the 2012 Games in London, Hoffman said. It appears that skateboarding and BMX freestyle will be contested under the cycling banner, but the International Olympic Committee will make a final determination in two years.” This is the tightrope we all gotta walk and make sure we aren’t “selling out” but “buying in.” I can’t believe I just wrote that but the exposure could potentially mean more public parks and a nice little boost to the skate industry.

Shot Callin‘ Black Ballin
There were some interesting rumors floating around the athlete tent this weekend. It appears some skaters went after the hand that feeds them. Nothing like the hand coming back and potentially giving you the Heisman. Just because it’s a free country doesn’t mean people can’t shit list you for saying stuff like this:

“NBC is trying to do good things to raise money to help him out, but it shouldn’t even be an issue at this point, because he should have been insured by the event …. How are we putting our lives on the line at every stop like this and they can’t even have insurance for us in case something terrible like this happens? It’s garbage.”

Ahhh politics and funny how this happened after Stephen Murray but before Mega Ramp. Make you wonder: if things tend to happen in threes, who is next on the action sports chopping blocks

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