Day 3 of the X Games: Falling Asleep, Ams we know and Kendall Killin’ it!

“I read the press release and that was enough.”
Anonymous, On Motocross Step up

OK, I actually feel asleep at my keyboard during motocross step up. I had a busy X day yesterday. We had skate mid day where Chris Cole repeated and some say Greg Lutzka got robbed. I’d like to point out I called Tommy Sandoval finishing 5th. Then late last night after BMX big air and step up to boredom we had the skate est trick. apparently Cole snagged that one as well. Word on the street is that best trick got a late start due to the Barry Bonds BS. Not sure what went down but from our eyes on the scene there were 5 tricks then 44 consecutive misses. Thanks ESPN! Today we are laying down on coverage it sounds like supermoto is up today and well… I’m taking a break to go skate but lets get into a little news first.

Big Ben on Point
Vert Am is coming up in the next few days. The South of the North is backing none other than Ben Hatchell. The former Plug Skateoards and Vans Woodbride/Mid-Atlantic ripper has been killing the vert ramp. My buddy colin shot me a text to let me know he’s killing it out West. Ben get some and get it done young ripper.

Hooray For Jeff!

Jeff Kendall stepped up into the executive league this past week. Jeff killed it as a pro and I’m happy to say he kills it in the biz world as well. Jeff, congrats!

NHS is proud to announce the promotion of Jeff Kendall to the position of Vice President of NHS. Jeff has been an instrumental part of NHS for over a decade. Starting as a professional skateboarder for Santa Cruz and Independent in 1986, he quickly transitioned into the business after retiring in 1992. A self-educated/self-taught and extremely motivated person, he has held several positions at NHS including team manager, photographer, videographer, video producer, promotions manager, marketing and brand manager, marketing director and most recently senior marketing director overseeing all divisions of NHS- skate, snow, surf and apparel.

Jeff invites the challenges his new position holds. By understanding and involving himself in many aspects of the industry, he will exceed the expectations that lie ahead, while continuing his loyalty to NHS.

“NHS is a company with a tremendous amount of experience and a great group of people that I have had the good fortune to learn from and work with,” Jeff states. “I’m confident now that as V.P. of NHS I’ll be able to apply my knowledge and lead the future development of this company.”

More news rolling in as the day roles on…

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