X Games Day One Recap — Who Nearly Died

So Day one of the X Games has come and gone. I’m still feeling the pucker is about at level 13 on a scale of 1-10. The Mega Ramp provided pretty much the scariest moment I have ever seen in skating. Jake Browns massive backside 720 across the 70 foot gap and subsequent fall will go down in history as one of the hardest slams ever.

I was amazed, shocked and overjoyed when Jake stood up and walked away. If you watch the clip in slow motion it’s apparent Jake gets a speed wobble going up the wall. What may have saved his life was his inability to correct himself in the air. The Aussie went into full on running man and “roll the windows down” to try and right his body back into the transition. Here’s a quick lesson in physics. Fall into the transition and slide out to safety. Fall to flat and you are one deeeeaaaaaad mother fucker. OK, lesson over. Jake missed the transition entirely but his body slid out of the fall. His feet pop out from underneath him and he goes right to his hip/butt. Here’s the crucial part. Jake’s elbows go down (thanks pro design pads) and when his head whips back it doesn’t make full contact with the ramp. It appears to be more shock and trauma to the body from the impact of the fall.

Worst case scenario would have been if Jake seized up and landed on his back with his head forward. If that had hap pend his head would have whupped back to the same surface of his back transferring the energy from the fall. I’m guessing he would have cracked his helmet and fractured his skull.However, Jake managed to stay partially up right and let his body, not his head take the slam. Hands down the luckiest moment I have ever seen on TV.

The we move on to Scott Murray. Bottom line guy might have pulled the trick before but last night wasn’t his night. I think if his bike would have been working he could have made it happen. Bummer, frightening but bummer. As for Kyle Loza. Neat trick. Not much more to say about FMX.

I’ll be back on the spot late night tonight blogging live from X games. The BMX guys are on point and I wonder if they will be holding a bit back after Jake Browns fall. I guess we’ll find out at 9 est tonight. Better though is Skate Street will be live late night and Southofthenorth.com will be blogging for both!

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