Day Two of the X Games — Live Blog

After Thursday night’s heart stopping carnage we are back under the lights of the Staple Center for another night of Mega ramp butt pucker! if you didn’t see Jake Brown’s life flash before your eyes then you didn’t see what good chunk of the world saw. Scroll down a few entries and you’ll see the craziest slam ever. Now, not to draw attention away from tonight but last nights slam will go down as one of “the” moments from X Games 13. OK, but tonight we have BMX bikes rolling on the Mega Ramp. Let’s not delay Sal Masekela from dropping the knowledge and lets get up in this. Tonight Mat Hoffman makes his return to X Games and will be a freaking cluster bomb of fun up there and uh…oh yeah there’s Moto X step up. Here we go…

8:56 OK, wtf coming in a little late and catching Stevie Mcann throwing a huge backflip to a double tailwhip.

8:57 My wife wants to know if a lot of people ride BMX you know actually ride not watch on tv. She follows it up with …”it seems pretty attainable for kids to do…” My wife has managed to figure out the allure of skating ad BMX in :30 seconds. why do so many CEOs have trouble with this. Too many d-bags and not enough smart people I guess.

8:58 Morgan wade hucks it…

8:59 Allen Cooke first off the 70 footers and gets silly with an x’d up backflip. Foot popped off the pedal…that can spell disaster.

9:00 K-rob steps up and is is named the odds on favorite by Sal and Co. Kevin hucks a huge backflip intoa 15 foot flair. Yeah State College! Big Bad kevin movin itno the umero uno spot.

9:02. First Jake Brown shot of the night. Tina Dixon drops in and lets us know Jake has a contused liver. That’s all. jesus.

9:04 Now they’re showing Mat Hoffmans big fall from earlier in the day. mat’s first run of the night and he drops a nothing and just takes it on the quarter.

9:05 mat Hoffman looks liek Ian Mckaye with hair. and on a bike. With pads. and a perma “I hit my head look”

9:07 Anthony Napolita throws a big no handed front flip and thena big quarter. I was too busy making air gun shooting noises at all those little target logos on his side.

9:08 Sal drops “Will Mr. Robinson be in your neighborhood again!?!?!” soemtimes I feel dumber for listening. Isn’t this why we have Mute buttons. OK, now the voice over has informed us “Operation Crazy progression” has begun. Where’s my pooka shell necklance and nearest pac sun. I need to accesorize for the onslaught of rad these guys are dispensing. OK, enough sarcasm for this hour

9:09 Cluster bomb cluster bomb X there are the cluster bombs!

9:12 And we’re back! thask to the power of time lapse photography we see the mega ramp get built. Where’s my beer?

9:13 Steve Mcann is on “Operation do NOT do what Jake Brown” did. I get the sense these guys are a wee bit spooked. Rightfully so.

9:14 Moragn wade does amassive Superman and follows it up with 21′ foot air. Morga easily hit 40 MPH and lands a little low. Wades wife mouths out “he’s OK” when he slams.

9:16 Allen Cooke had it all the way to the bottom of the quarter and then loses it.

9:18 Kevin Robinson leads off the 2006 BMX big air mega ramp restrospective. They lead into Kagys slam during practice which took him out of X Games 13. Chad had surgery this morning. Get well soon Chad!

9:20 Robinsosn throws a huge no handed backflip ad leads ito a 15 foot no handed flair. Again Sal with the Mr. Robinson quote. stop it. jebus.

9:22 A taco bell commerical during the X Games. Next up a navy/psp commercial. can we get Randy Macho man savage to snap into a slim jim?

9:23 Squeegy calls from the Staple Center with a fake boob update. Yes, these are my friends. A supermoto commercial for X Games…I’m sleepy. Nope, we just need a refill on beers. Wait it’s the Prince commercial. I’m thinking can we just get revolution to have a west side story face off with the new power generation? really. I mean. can we do this?

9:27 OK, Mat Hoffman ride brakeless on mega ramp. there’s progression and then there’s Darwin tell you who will survive. That’s kinda uh…not smart. Needles to say Mat hit his head, again.

9:29 Anthony Napolitan, who was mistaken for a girl last year by the entire Lat34 staff, drops another huge front flip and tailwhip.

9:31 Steve Mcann. Wow I see his bike and I expect Kool Aid to coem busting in to the Staples cneter…”hey kool Aid!” “Oh yeahhhhhh” …OK, maybe not Kool Aid maybe Shaq.

9:32 Did Sal just ask for a rub n’ tug?

9:33 Morgan wade on the 80 foot roll in. A huge superman at 40 MPH and stomps the 19 foot air up the quarter. Steve swope and Sal are saying MoWa can go bigger and badder. OK, don’t jinx this guys. seriously, it’s like talking to your pitcher during a no hitter.

9:34 Steve Swope sounds disappointed in Allen Cooke’s 12 foot air.

9:35 Sal drops: “the great view and how you see things is courtesy of the on the “Navy flycam” ” Ah, I thought it was the easter bunny and santa cam. seriously, they should be corporate sponsors.

9:36 Brian Deegan is shadow boxing, sal comments on Ricky Carmichael’s watch. Uh, I feel weird watching them spread that out. Like bad touch kind of weird…My that was awkward.

9:37 Kevin Robinson almost takes his air out of the quarter pipe to one inch shy of 21 feet. OK, bad ass much?

9:38 Sports center updatemeans it’s time to get the battery charger and a fresh beer.

9:41 we need more Chuck Norris commericals. I know stating the obvious. By the way Chuck Norris doesn’t do push ups. Chuck Norris pushes the planet earth down.

9:42 I love hearing the promo of Sal say “That defys logic.” No sal actually it’s pretty simple f’in physics.

9:44 Hoffman takes it easy and speed checks with his foot on the back tire. MMMMM burnt rubber and staple center crud.

9:45 Napolitan flip whip to near castration. Good times! Totally worht the money. You heard it hear first: You really can’t put a price on your balls.

9:46 Steve Mcann is no longer playing it safe and tossing out the flip whip to the double whip on the quarter. Basically spinning his bike so fast it’s orangeness moves morphs intoa light cycle from ‘Tron’. OK, you had to be at least 15 in 1982 to get that joke.

9:50 ricky carmichael on the mic, awkward. it’s like Michael scott from the office caught in mid-lie.

9:51 Morgan wade 21′ 07″ OK, his landing was so squirrely.

9:52 Allen Cooke no ACL. Ligaments are overated. Cooke throws the superman back flip. some joker runs out and picks him up. Uh yeah. OK.

9:55 Kevin Robinsons wife is named Robin Robinson and she’s smiling and clapping. Seriously, she must have his back like no other to be so mellow. Kevin just tossed out an 18 foot flair on the quarter. I feel queasy.

10:03 Napolitan puts down a big ole’ double whip back flip to no hander. Easily the most tech trick of the night over the gap.

10:05 Morgan Wade, Steve Mcann everybody is thinking…does my HMO cover this shit?

10:08 Commerical break and the number crunching has begun. Does Robinson have this locked up? Figuring out weekly NFL odds is easier.

10:09 BTw, I had Tommy Sandoval to “show in the fifth spot” at 50-1. Taquitos are on me!

10:12 back to the action! Steve Mcann drops the flip whip and links up the double tailwhip. can’t see him do anything better than where he currently is..

10:14 ugh here comes Morgan wade and he isn’t centered before hitting the quarter. MoWa is pretty far forward and hits the footbrake. It’s all on Allen cooke to dethrone robinson. let me tell you what isn’t happening.

10:17 Cooke bails out before hitting the quarter and Robinson is on it for gold. Commence glory run.

10:18 Ladies and gentlemen…Danny Way.

10:19 kevin Robinson gets the interview at the bottom of the ramp. The burning question is… “what does Tina Dixon do the other 360 days of the year?”

10:24 OK, I’m going to try and push through step up but seriosuly. I’d rather hook up skate best trick at 1 AM.

10:25 BTW Chris cole repeated his win in skate street.

10:27 Jake Brown slam recap. All the riders basically dropping their opinion. Bucky Lasek dropped the knowledge: “He cheated death. That’s what he did. He cheated

10:30 Moto step up intor begin…Tommy Clowers, Renner, Deegan, mcGrath and Buyten all roll out and across. let the high jump begin.

10:31 Did I just hear renner is rolling a 4 stroke? First one in X Games? I would say that’s kinda dumb but Renner’s mastery of the whip could get him through this.

10:33 Clowers clears the bar easy and drifts wayyyyyyyy far right

10:34 Renner hucks a big old whip.

10:35 Deegan noses into the bar. Nails it on the second go around.

10:37 Mcgrath gets through it and so does Buyten.

10:40 Clowers, Renner, Deegan, and Buyten all make it through round two. Mcgrath is audi five thou

10:56 We are at 31 feet. Deegan, Clowers and Renner are all in the clear. renner is whipping that bike with some style. Buyten donkeys his first jump and checks out the ramp. The pole gets reset and Buyten takes it.

11:00 OK, not to allienate the millions of moto fans out there this si killing me. I need to not blog about step up ever again..

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