Tuesday Drop: US Open of Surfing, Quik, Roxy and a Not-So-Secret Skatepark Tour

The past few years there are a few things you can count on in the dog days of summer. The X Games, of course leads the list. The latter would be the US Open of Surfing. It’s no surprise by now that the US Open has come to a close and a few people walked away with titles. CJ Hobgood took it for the men and Stephanie Gilmore chalked up the win for the women. What’s more interesting though is what happens away from the beach, away from the surfing and what may matter more to the actual surfers themselves. Sure we received more than one drunk dials from a party at Surfline HQ but that’s not what we’re talking about. Nope and it’s high time we jump into it.

Sofia Mulanovich Inducted Into Surfing Hall of Fame
Last Friday was the 10th annual Surfing Hall of Fame inductions that coincide with the US Open. Several notables we’re heading into the hall among them Al Merrick, Martin Potter, and Bruce Irons. The lone female in the group was none other than ROXY pro and world champ Sofia Mulanovich. With surfers and industry veterans like Irons and Merrick why does Mulanovich deserve the extra attention? Lets look at the facts:

1. Sofia became world champ at age 21 by dethroning six time champ Layne Beachley.
2. Sofia is the first South American male or female in modern surfing history to win a world title.
3. ‘Sofia: a Documentary’ Enough Said.

So, if that isn’t simple enough we’ll make it even easier. This young Peruvian woman, at the age of 23 has become an elite surfer. Remove her young age. Remove all her contest titles. What you have left is somebody who is passionate about surfing and has raised the spirits of her native country in the process. That is why she is on her way in to the Hall of Fame. If you haven’t seen ‘Sofia…’ yet leave this blog now and go check it out here: http://www.sofiadoco.com. You won’t be disappointed.

The Only Non X Games ESPN Award or “Why Sarah Burke Rules”
While we are on the ROXY update lets take a trip in the wayback machine to the 13th of Jule and the ESPY awards. This one snuck right under the damn radar. ROXY rider Sarah Burke won the 2007 ESPY for best female action sports athlete. While I haven’t put on a pair of skis in over 16 years I do know Sarah’s gold medal run at winter X Humbled several guys in attendance. With the, now unified, ROXY snow team in full effect for Winter 2008 it’s a wee bit scary what they can accomplish. Fellas watch your back and ladies ignore TR’s full blown sarcasm. That’s why we have iPods

Scotty Arnold on Fuel TV

Cryin out loud if we are gonna talk about Quiksilver snow we might as well talk about Scotty Arnold droppin by Fuel TV’s Daily Habit this Wednesday. As the Mighty Stouffer said in his weekly dispatch “He’s revered for hitting it big in the park and on the rails, pro snowboarder Scotty Arnold drops in … Scotty’s sponsors include: Quiksilver, Vans, Salomon, P Water, Cobra Dog, Grenade Gloves, Boost Mobile and Jack’s Garage.” Yes, Scotty is sponsored by Cobra Dog. Indeed. For the record, I did not know Boost Mobile was still in business or is that Amp’d or is that Helio. I can’t keep them all straight.

‘Young Guns 3’ is Here
Rounding out our love today for the mountain and the wave… ‘Young Guns 3’ the movie is out. The premiere went down last week in HB. The tour is coming and you can watch the trailer right here.

‘Young Guns 3’ Tour Dates
U.S. Tour presented by Monster Energy
7/28- Wave House, San Diego, CA
7/30- Ventura Theater, Ventura, CA
8/4- Shore Break Theatre,Narragansett, RI
8/6- DaKine Diego’s, Satellite Beach, FL
8/9- Parque Luis Muňoz Rivera, San Juan, Puerto Rico

All premieres are FREE.
First come first served.
Dates, times and locations subject to change

Tony Hawks Secret Skatepark Tour

OK, so we aren’t actually done for the day. Nope, Thursday night after you are done watching the X Games at the Staples Center cruise by the Figueroa Hotel in Los Angeles tony hawk will be premiering his latest installment in the secret Skatepark series. seems like evrybody who has a pro deck and an MTV show is in this one. The over under on Bam Margera jumping off something is even money and Sheckler flashing a suburban gang sign is a lock as well.

Check out the trailers and decide for yourself:

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