Volcom, X Games, Ranting on Blanks and a Crazy Priest… Hello Monday!

Summer in Washington D.C. can be pretty nasty. After all the city was built on a swamp. Why they chose this humidity capital of North America I’m sure I learned and forgot in some far off history class. You know, the same way you lost all relevant information about Pythagorean theorem all those years back. Please ignore the bizarre references here, really, it has been a long weekend. Insanely hot, humid and I skated more than i should have. Actually, that’s a lie I didn’t skate enough. Finally, after about 2-3 years of floundering with the same lines, I feel as if I’m back in it and haulin‘ ass. That’s a good thing. OK, pray for eighty degrees with a light breeze and low humidity this week. Now onto the good stuff.

Vee-Co News: The Stone Gets Downgraded
On the heels of Thursday’s reported lower second-quarter profit Volcom was downgraded to market-perform. This doesn’t shock any analyst who are forecasting the slowdown in retail. Piper jaffray analysts said: “Our downgrade to Market Perform reflects our view that VLCM shares are fairly valued given our cautious view of the domestic retail market, increased expenditures, and risk associated with the new European operations. While we are encouraged by the current order trends at Pacific Sunwear (24% of total revenue in Q2), we believe a challenging and promotional retail environment could pressure 2H orders.”

However, the Stones chairman of the board had a prearranged trading plan. Yup, Rene Woolcot dropped about 25,000 shares on an average prices of $46 per share and some change. That works out to $1.5 million and change. It’s good to be the king of Pac-Sun, isn’t it Volcom!

X Marks the Spot of Joy and Pain
Yup, if you’ve been living under a rock the past thirteen years then you probably don’t know about the X Games. That could be good. That could be bad. really, it all depends on your point of view. I’ve seen more good than bad come from the X Games but who knows what will happen this year. SouthoftheNorth.com has some X Games programming coming up beginning Thursday and rolling through the weekend. Stay tuned.

What’s new at the X Games this year? well, gone is BMX Dirt and in comes BMX big air. Rally car is back as is supermoto and motocross. I guess ESPN is gasping to bring in the big names of racing. Hopefully non of the programming geniuses over there decide to have an action sports all-stars Kart race. Actually that would be funny. Instead of ‘Battle of the Network Stars’ or ‘Circus of the Stars’ they can have Battle of the Action Sports All-Stars. In between we can watch infomercials for the Shaun White chia pet. Sweet.

Also in true PT Barnum fashion they’ve moved the mega ramp indoors. With the way the Dew Tour has been striking out and cancelling events with the wind this year ESPN appears to be taking note and moving the big event inside. Which puts skate vert…outside. Maybe ESPN didn’t learn anything from the Dew Tour. Awesome. Anyways, megaramp is indoors. crews have been busting ass to get it set up. Danny Way is out with jacked knee as we earlier reported. My money is on Bob Burnquist. Skatedaily.net said the same thing, but what else could you say? Bob has a megaramp in his back yard…

Skate street will be taking place in the velodrome at the staples center this year. What’s interesting is that you’ll find a few attempts at a more street oriented course this year. However, that might just be spray paint. I doubt ESPN actually used brick and concrete, even though they should. Anyways, check the pictures then pray they come to their senses and start pulling together a real street jam for future X Games. Hey, ESPN a street competition should happen on a … wait for it … wait for it … that’s right… a street.
Anyways here are the pictures, enjoy.

Back to Real Skateboarding…
Now that we are done rocking out with our jock out over all the X Games stuff another item of interest popped up. The Wall Street Journal dipped it’s toe into the action sports industry with this story reagrding the ongoing blanks issue in skateboarding. Bottom line is this: buy local and support skateboarding. Buying a pro deck doesn’t mean you support skateboarding. Buying a blank doesn’t mean you support skateboarding. Not to get on too much of soap box but a good chunk of this anger towards blanks is a bit hypocritical. Nobody tears down Powell for selling mini-logos. Here’s an idea: make a price point board to compete with blanks. Is that so hard? Sure you want more money Mr. of Miss skatexecutive but have you ever thought about what the market needs? People need new decks after they break and it can’t break their bank as well. Local shops need prices that don’t chew up their budget. Shops also need healthy margins to stay in business. Skateboard industry quit bitching about how people aren’t supporting skating. Start finding a solution. One kid in Iowa who buys 12 blanks a year is not destroying skating. He’s a skater. That is the biggest support and contribution to skateboaridng any individual can make, by actually skating. Buy from your local skate shop. Buy from skate and ride shops online. Put your dollars into where you believe you are supporting and impacting skating.

Have You Heard the One About the Catholic Priest and the…?
So this is kinda old. Kind of weird and kind of creepy. This video is from Australia where a Catholic priest went ape shit on a group of skaters who were sessioning in front of his church. The priest loses it as the skaters egg him on. Holy crap, I wonder what his sermons are like. Warning if harsh language stresses you out. Don’t watch. if you are an adult and don’t get offended by words just the narrow minded ideas behind them…have at it.

Turns out the catholic church now has to apologize for this old geezer. wow, that are pretty much batting awful in dealing with any generation of children. Catholic News has the “fair and balanced” report right here. We now return you to your Monday morning Apocalypse already in progress.

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