‘Freaky Friday’

No, no tales of twins swapping lives but that was a stellar remake with a pre-coked out Lindsay Lohan. That had to be my favorite media whore moment this week. Lindsay Lohan saying the “blow wasn’t hers.” Right, sure things freckles. I’ll remember that next time a D.C. cop is chasing me for skateboarding. “Officer, I may have been pushing around on this here skateboard but I swear … it’s not mine.” I highly doubt it will work but it will now become the infamous “party girl plea.” Wait, I got way off track lets rein this blog in because w have lots to talk about. We have news from our homies at Sessions, a Zoo York reminder and big drops coming from Nike SB. Yes, we just posted a picture of Lindsay Lohan in a bikini. Because we can that’s why. Deal with it.

Sessions News Drop
This past week Sessions dropped their July edition of ‘The Informer’. Always a treat to have, ‘The Informer’ loads you up with plenty of news on Sessions athletes, events and products. Make sure you check it out. One of the big things dropped this month was the upcoming 9th Annual Tim Brauch memorial contest September 29th and 30th. Guaranteed you’ll have the vast majority of rippers out there. This event turns out to be better than any Dew Tour or X games event you can see on TV. Plus, it pays homage to a fallen member of our big skate family Tim Brauch. Dust off your Estes Eagle T-Shirt and haul ass to the Tim Brauch Memorial skate park in Scotts Valley, California at the end of September. Ya dig? On top of that cruise on over to Sessions.com they have some pretty interesting stuff going on right now with artist Russ Pope. You won’t find too many of these shirts floating around there. Personally, I’m digging Ol’ Dirty Crooks shirt of choice. Now if only I could skate like that Carolina bastard.

ZOO YORK Upstate Tour
OK, now this is for all the people in the cheap seat with low memory retention skills. This weekend… ZOO YORK Upstate New York Tour. Check out Zoo York.com and haul ass out to the events. You will not be disappointed.

It’s SB Mid Day
After a big week with the drop of the Nike SB MF Dooms new images are popping up online of SB Mids forth coming. The crew over at Hypebeast knows first and as always they know best. Check their images of the SB Mid Skate Mental and the “Vintage Floral” dunk mids.
It looks like after playing it safe for a year or two Nike SB isn’t holding back anymore.

Nike SB Mid Skate Mental Photo Courtesy Hypebeast

Nike SB Mid Vintage Floral Photo Courtesy Hypebeast

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