The Thursday Headlines

OK, are you ready to synchronize your watches? I just want you to set that fab Casio arm piece for Thursday. “Why Thursday?” You may ask because we are getting into the headlines this Thursday and every Thursday from here on out! Sure we’ll have the occasional interesting nugget that gets panned out of the action sports silt and polished into gold. But,lets face it, those moments are few and far between. Shoot, go ahead and read one right here. Lets be honest we thought we could turn action sports into sports center we’d be richer than 1980’s Michael Jackson. OK, maybe none of the creepy man-boy lovin’ would be happening but we sure as shit would own a Llama farm just for the hell of it. Not to mention a Monkey named bubbles. Monkeys still rule. All right, failed business plans and bad ideas aside here are this weeks few headlines that might keep you from going skating right now.

Update 10:30 AM 7/26/07

Have You Heard of This Shaun White Kid?
Now I didn’t see this coming the New York Times has profiled Shaun White. Actually, I should skip the sarcasm. Shaun has clearly gotten off his ass to go after skating a bit more. Granted he look pretty sketchy on lip tricks during the Cleveland Dew Tour but nobodies perfect, especially in Cleveland. Anyways, we get a stellar bit of insight on how Shaun White’s mind works as quoted from the New York Times:

“He said the possibility of competing in the Summer Olympics has provided “a bit more fuel in the fire to do well and progress.”

That’s right in case you were sleeping under a rock the IOC has been doing everything they can to shoe horn skating into the summer games. You have skaters like Mr. White who apparently are pro Olympics and you have douchebags like this guy who are anti-skating in the Olympics. Does skating belong in the Olympics? Sure, why not? It’s a level of exposure that could rise to another round of public funding to build skateparks. Will it diminish the soul of skating? No, because you can’t breakdown what isn’t tangible. Skating will always be in the streets. Skating will always be raw at its’ core. The Olympics would just be another contest with :45 second runs for people to “oohhh” and “ahhh” over. If it makes skating more accessible to people globally, then make it happen. If Shaun White is the ambassador to bring it to the Olympics, fine.

Aside from that Shaun look past the 1080 and start dialing in the smith.

— 12:01 AM 7/26/07————————————————

Jereme Rogers Meet Plan B
Plan B Meet Jereme Rogers

After the demise of his time on Girl Mr. Rogers has found his way to the house that B built. Joining a few guys who have been know to rip. You know … Danny Way, P-Rod, Pat Duffy, Brian Wenning and few other cats who skate pretty damn good. Would now be a good time to start thinking team video?

Also, will we get some stellar internal dialogue between Sheckler and Rogers during parks comps like in the ‘Octagon’ with Chuck Norris? You know those brillaint internal monologue moments as “the Chuck” is en route to take down the bad guy aka his brother! Trust me you have to watch the movie and then imagine Jereme and Ryan saying all of that crap in their head as they skate during the jam session. Actually, there’s your MTV show Ryan. You know where to send the check. Just don’t tell Chuck what you’re doing. He’ll want a cut and believe me Chuck Norris gets what he wants!

US Open Of SurfingWebcast
If you are exploring the world wide web of internet this weekend check out They are hooking up the webcast for the US Open of Surfing. That’s right. Small, flat, midsummer waves at Huntington Beach. The Upside? Micke Alba may skate and in the perfect world his second cousin Jessica Alba would show up. Hey, she’s single now!

In all seriousness. The soul Bowl is generally worth watching. The surfing … who knows? Dane Reynolds may or may not show up. Rob Machado may or may not feel like getting out of bed that day. Check out Go211 this weekend if you want to capture any of it with your own eyes and yes this was just a long drawn u]out update so we could post a picture of Jessica Alba.

‘On the Lot’ and Off the Show

I’m not quite sure how this snuck under my radar but some guy from Owego, NY claiming to be a skater has been surviving weekly cuts on Fox’s reality show ‘On the Lot’. This week Kenny Luby that very guy got cut. So I received several e-mails he was claiming the skate thing pretty hard. I’m not sure if he’s trying to be the South of the North’s answer to Spike Jonz but hopefully he can put his lcoal celeb status to good use. Luby, we could use some more good ‘crete parks up that way. Hook it up and don’t go Joe Hollywood just yet.

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