Zoo York on Tour and DC x Commonwealth/Brooklyn Projects

ZOO YORK Heading North
I get these question all the time. “What is the South of the North? Is it a a series of directions? A stupid statement? Or is it a place? The reality of it all is the South of the North refers to my hometown of Binghamton New York. You see Binghamton is upstate to about 80% of New York’s population (thanks Big Apple!) and down state to another 10% who are true Upstaters. Which leaves 10% of us nestled squarely in the weirdness of New York States Southern Tier.

The Southern Tier has always had its own quirks from mob meetings in Appalachia to NASCAR at Watkins Glen and more cheap beer than you can wave a stick at (Thanks Genny Cream Ale and Utica Club!) we might as well be a little be of the Deep South way up North. Only our food isn’t as good and the women aren’t as hot. Sorry, had to be said. Actually, we do have spiedies but that is neither here nor there.

I was pretty pleased to see Zoo York has decided to get out of the City and head up North. I hope they experience some weirdness. While you are passing through guys please go to Lupo’s S n’ S Char-Pit. maybe even enjoy some Pat Mitchell’s ice cream. I highly recommend skating the terrain at SUNY Binghamton, sorry, Binghamton University. With more cold war concrete than modern day Berlin the SUNY campus was my skate proving ground for 10 years. Last time I skated there my deck was a SMA Natas, my wheels were 57mm slimeballs and finding a pair of “skate shoes” was an ordeal. But I digress, if you are in Albany or Rochester check them out the Zoo York tour this weekend. With the crew rolling through they list off a few lines below you won’t be disappointed.

“… On July 28th and 29th, the 2007 ZY Upstate Tour will host demos and autograph signings in Albany and Rochester. Along for the ride will be ZY Officials Donny Barley, Kevin Taylor, Forrest Kirby, Anthony Shetler, Brandon Westgate, Ron Deily, and Matt Miller.”

2007 ZY Upstate Tour Schedule:

July 28 – Albany, NY
Signing: TSX Skateshop @ 2:00pm

July 29 – Rochester, NY
Signing: Holler Skateshop @ 2:30pm
Signing: Krudco Skateshop @ 4:00pm
Demo: X-Dreams Skatepark @ 5:00pm

For more information on the 2007 ZY Upstate Tour, and to stay up on all Zoo Crew happenings, check out http://www.zooyork.com/.

DC x Commonwealth and Brooklyn Projects.

You can always count on Hypebeast to make the sun come out on an otherwise rainy day. Long the innovator with tech and style it feels like DC has been laying dormant for a few years. What’s frightening is they has some amazing collaborations with Michael Leon and Andy Howell just a few years back. Now DC is stepping it back up by providing two influential shops their own kicks personified. Sit back, relax and lust if you must. Is this the first in a series of things to come from DC? Read the full article on Hypebeast
Photos Courtesy of Hypebeast.com

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