Un-shunned: Sunday Night

Was there too much skating over the past week? Ha, you can never have too much! I promise we’ll get into snow surf and another batch of goodness this upcoming week. Right now we are lamenting our next post. Are we happy to see guys like Sheckler and White grab the media eyeballs? Sure more awareness for skating is a good thing. We can always use more dollars for skate parks.

But, Sheckler, White and their planned runs get real old real fast. Granted when Sheckler almost ate it on the hip this weekend and then pulled it out I was wicked impressed. That’s what Burnquist pulls out on vert. We’ll see though and the next person that asks me about Shaun White pulling a 1080 is going to be shunned. I understand the need to latch onto a “face” but dear god use this opportunity to shed some light on what is really going on.

Please, please, please let Cardiel make a triumphant return to skating soon.

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