Friday, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Yes it is true that Elton John sang ‘Friday night is all right for fighting.” However, I prefer to think of it as the night when I will not fight. Actually, come to think of it, I can’t place a single daty when i do fight. The point being is that it’s the weekend and this hot mess is going to get wrapped up. Now if you are in Cleveland odds are you’re happy for the Dew Tour Action Sports Tour which is rolling into it’s second stop and you don’t have to spend another weekend watching ‘Drew Carey’ re-runs. Then again is you want something better to look at we have a few things below….

A Major Good Time
Major is having a good old fashioned throw down & in-store Saturday, July 21 in collaboration with L-R-G clothing. You can hang out, chill and meet the L-R-G crew.

Looks to be a good time and as always the latest addition to Georgetown has new kicks, New Eras and soft goods rolling in (check the L-R-G x Major tee) to the store. Like you have anything better to do…

Hot Chicks with Douchebags
Every now and again we stumble upon a site or blog that takes the unintentionally funny and mocks it mercilessly. The latest addition to this theater of pain that is the “look at me generation” we don’t know who the poor lonely soul is that has taken this upon himself to record the trials and tribulations of young women and their interactions with total douchebags but god bless him.

The commentary just shy of genius if for no other reason than it adds a voice over to your subconscious. Reading each entry is a blend of laughter and “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” realizations. Sandwiched between references to guys who apparently watched way to much ’21 Jump Street’ therefor idolizing Richard Grieco and women who aspire to Yasmine Bleeth’s perma-orange skin are the ramblings of DB1. make sure you check this site out. Bookmark it. The funny continues to make a gray day blue.

Overall what makes the site “knock-down-drag-out-funny” is the fact that it lives up to the old saying:”It’s funny because it’s true.” In this specific case it proves another saying very true …

“You can lead a douche to hot chicks but he still looks like a f***ing idiot.”

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