Big Wednesday with Zoo York, Amped Riders and Skatopia

Hello hump day. A nice slab of general malaise can hit you unless you go searching for the good word. Today’s good word: skating. That’s right decks, skaters and a small touch of controversy. The day is still young hopefully we can overcome it all and live to see the Thursday night street session. OK, on with the good stuff.

Attention NYC and beyond, Zoo York is dropping their latest artist series. The current count has this being series number three for the Zoo York Institute. Not ones to ever stop doing cool shit Zoo has gone in-house and out sourced from some of the most creative visionary minds. We all know how iconic board graphics and artists can be. However, it’s nice to see Zoo continue their dedication to progression in skating, art and this culture we create on a daily basis by skating in big cities and small towns across the world. Zoo York’s Artist Series III features custom graphics from nine of today’s most progressive minds including Eric Elms (aka, Adorn), Nate Nedorostek, Bryan Collins, Cubanica, Jim Zbinden (aka, Pulp68), Also Known As x Skuf One YKK, and Zoo York’s very own in-house designers Pete Panciera (aka, Connect) and Damien Correll. You can hook ’em up now at Zoo dealers.
Last night, the 8 Leg Tour came through D.C. and rolled up to Arlington skatepark. They came to session the concrete walls and a god damn demo broke out. Nelson, Greg and Evan plus a crew broke off a nice little piece of Arlington. It’s worth noting now… the only boundaries are the ones you set personally. Get out there bust some ass. Do it for yourself and make it happen. Or, as we like to say Trust your gut. Take chances. South of the North wishes the Amped crew safe travels and we hope to see you come back through real soon.

Now for our own private controversy du jour. What’s going on with Skatopia? So yesterday Hypebeast let us know the latest and greatest in skater oriented threads was coming from a company called Skatopia. Weird, actually. really weird. The only Skatopia we know is in Ohio. The only Skatopia we know isn’t about dressing like a pimped out Tokyo sneaker head. Your mine and our Skatopia is about building a scene where one didn’t exist. Not quite sure what Brewce Martin has to say about this but we hope to find out real soon. Maybe he’s down with Skatopia Clothing, who knows? Bottom line, Skatopia has been around and standing strong for skaters for a long time. Hopefully nobody is ripping them off.

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