Just Amped. Not Out.

Excuses, we make them all the time. “I’m too tired to skate” or “the waves suck I’m not surfing”. My personal favorite “I’m not snowboarding here the mountains are too small”. Please, nobody and I mean nobody has room to make a lame excuse ever again. Why not you ask? You see the Amped Riders “8 Leg Tour” is rolling into town. With Lord Nelson, the Outer Banks Bandit from eastcoastaholic.com leading the charge you can bet this is a group is about to throw down some of the heaviest skating you’ll see all summer.

But, why can’t you make an excuse? Simple, if you look a around you’ll see why the proverbial picture is worth a thousand words. These rippers are adaptive riders. That’s right skaters minus a few limbs. So no more bitching and whining. Follow along with the Amped Riders tour on Nelson’s tour blog over on eascoastaholic.com.

You can get the full itinerary on their myspace pager or just check it below this here entry. I’m pretty stoked. These guys are coming my local park to skate today and having seen the tour pictures to date I know they are going to charge the ‘crete. Sorry no chance day for warm weather quitters, bitching, moaning or a last minute case of the “Mondays”. Get you ass to Arlington tuesday evening and watch some good skating. Not “good for a guy with a prothetic limb.” Good for anybody who likes charging the world on a deck. C’mon now. Get with it.

Catch The 8 Leg Tour Near you:
Jul 17 2007 8:00A
Arlington,VA skatepark, live music, BBQ, Amped Rriders Skate demo

Jul 18 -21 2007 8:00A
Oralndo, FL for the 2nd annual Extremity Games

Jul 22 2007 8:00A
Vans Warp Tour @ Orlando, FL

Jul 23 2007 8:00A
Collective Sound @ San Francisco

Jul 26 2007 8:00A
Youth Movement Co-op Tour@ OB skatepark San Diego, CA

Jul 27 2007 8:00A
Youth Movement Co-op Tour @ The Lab, Los Angeles, CA .

If you need more reasons to check it out watch this video. Finger flips are the new black in 2007.

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