Monday Morning: Part Two — Zoo York & Sessions

Arriving today:
Zoo York Denim — $17.99, The nice price. I was a littl shocke to find Zoo York popping up on Nothing but good threads and their team is killing it now with Suski. I doubt they are long for that site but who knows e-commerce is a fickle beast.

Sessions softshell — Robble Robble. Piss poor Hamburglar jokes aside. Summer time and the livng is easy if you know where to hook up next seasons gear. I’m always on the look out for spring shred sledding jackets since I seem to hang up on rails and tear a sleeve off every season in March. You can’t knock Sessions for as long as they have been in the game. This popped up for a nice price and I decided to put some style in the shreddin’. Giddyup.

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