Monday Morning: Part One

Smell that? That’s the smell of Monday morning and no matter what Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore says it does not smell like victory! Actually it kind of does but victory comes in the shape of stifling Washington D.C. humidity and a hot cup of coffee. Hey, you take the victories where you can get them.

I’ve been taking advantage of my “night owl” tendencies. This is my age old family trend to basically go without sleep for a few nights. I wake up around 3 am and function around the house in a three blind mice fashion just puttering around trying to get something done. The most productive I have been as of late has been when I’ve grabbed my board and gone skating. OK, sounds a little immature. leaving the house in the early morning to go skate but in these we small hours I feel pretty good. I stop thinking and start skating. Skating, re-learning how to no-comply after 13 years of not trying that particular trick is a night well spent. Of course I usually average about 3 car loads of drunks screaming “Skate or die”. That’s what I love about skating: I get older, skating gets more fun and there will always be some drunk asshole to scream “skate or die.” Good times, good times.

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