VOX: Shoes, Movies, and supporting skate parks

Several years ago trying to get your hands on a pair of vulcanized skate shoes wasn’t that hard. You just had really limited choices. You could get a pair of Vans Old Skools aka the style 36 or, well you could get the old skools. Eventually super tech clunk moonboot skate sneakers started going the way of the buffalo and vulcanized not just became popular but a must have inside every shoe line. There were some good ones and some that were notorius for falling apart. It pretty much depended on the manufacturer. Vox footwear leaned into the market s few years back rising from the ashes of 88 shoes and have been killing it lately. The shoes don’t break the bank and hold up to the abuse that today’s skater and terrain combo that is doled out.. They’ve done some solid collaborations aka the Dreamland Trooper. A variation on their classic style shoe the trooper. Chris from skatedaily.net said it best in his review:

“The Dreamland concept is a good one; with Vox donating a portion of each pair of shoes sold to support the Oregon based skate park builders. It only makes sense to reward those who have done so much for skateboarding…outside of pros. I’m down for pro shoes, but there is something special about breaking that mold.” -Chris, SkateDaily.net
Dreamland Trooper Photo Courtesy skatedaily.net
Vox shoes from the skating perspective are nice and comfy. No complaints from our end. It looks like they’ve started dropping gell into their shoes to combat heel bruising. They’ve got our stamp of approval which extends to “We’ll actually spend money on them!’ I even went so far as to buy these Peter Hewitt’s the other night. With a few pairs of sneakers backlogged waiting for the “skate and review” treatment these will be sitting on the shelf for a month or so but they are my second pair. If you are going back for seconds, it’s gotta be better than ” just all right”
Additionally Vox is getting ready to drop their first movie. Are you in Los Angeles on July 27th? Haul ass to the Mandrake to Check out ‘Black and Blue’

VOX ‘Black and Blue’ Trailer

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