Viva la Bob: We Miss You

Bob Wooldridge Jr. we still miss you. A year has gone by since a loving husband, father and friend was taken from us far too soon. Bob was a great person to have around you. That is all I can say. He made us laugh. He made us think and then he’d make you laugh some more. He was fond of telling me “Don’t let those assholes take away your passion. You know what you know. That’s why they hired you.” Indeed, You know what you know.

Bob helped me out when I was grasping desperately trying to get my company going. he threw himself into some writing and it was wonderful. Bob from the first day I met him had always been supportive of skating, snowboarding, surfing and all action sports. This weekend when you paddle out or drop in take that good run or an extra wave for Bob.

Live life, trust your gut and remember … you know what you know. Here’s to you Bob.

UPDATE July 15, 2007:
I recently dug up some of Bob’s work he did for Lat34 before his passing. Bob wrote about classic moments in action sports that transcended the current state of affairs. What Bob wrote made me want to skate. His articles would get everybody excited when the days went on longer than anticipated.

I like to think I could have been running a knitting start-up. That wouldn’t have mattered to him. Bob was most passionate about seeing those around him succeed. If you were following you dreams, your passion…Bob was stoked. Today, this Sunday morning was a far cry from where I was one year ago. One year ago tonight I had flown in on late flight from Denver after working the Dew Action Sports Tour to find out Bob had passed away.

But, today was a different day. Today, I skated. I skated fast and it felt amazing. I stood tall in the sun proud of everything I am doing and excited about what lays in front of me. The only thing missing was my friend Bob telling me “You know, what you know”. I finally hear you Bob, finally.

Read Bob’s take on:
Tony Alva
Evel Knievel
The Bones Brigade

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