Hello Springfield!!!

I remember watching the Tracey Ullman show and catching a brief glimpse of these weird cartoons in between segments. After seeing one I started seeting up the VCR to record the show so when I came in from skating the cartoons would be wating. I even went so far as to set up a crude vcrvcr editing set up so i coul just have a tape of the cartoons. hey, what can i say Upstate New York is a boring place growing up. Eventually those cartoons evolved in ‘The Simpsons‘. A television show whose impact was one of the factors that carved out an everyman lowbrow sensibility in the frame work of pop culture. Also, it’s pretty funny.

Bart Simpson has been skating out of that school and down main street every Sunday night and in syndication longer than the current crop of groms. So with the release of ‘The Simpsons Movie’ it’s awesome to see Vans stepping up to drop another amazing collaboration. Hypebeast has been on top of it all from the word go and has an update today on last nights launch party. For the whole story the Point Blank Blog is a must read.
photo courtesy: Hypebeast.com

Amazing artist giving Vans ‘The Simpsons‘ treatment. You have to love the current crop of collaborations. These are pretty much guaranteed to sell out with guys Like Dave Flores, Mr. Cartoon, Futura and Kaws. They went on sale this AM. Hope you were lucky enough to grab a pair.

DaveFlores with his Home-riffic Slip on Photo Courtesy: Point Blank

Finally, Homer bursting through like the Powell ripper is just sick…

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