You Want Thursday’s Playlist?

Music when you skate is tricky. I’ll put this thought out there: music not shared tends to bring a session or down. More specifically, I think cruising around with your iPod on tends to bring the session down. Ok, you’re the cool guy but I’d bet my grandmothers teeth you are listening to the Osmonds. maybe I’m being to harsh but hang on for a moment … I’ll make some concessions. The iPod in when you are skating street makes sense. Tuning everybody out when you are barking your board through pool coping? That doesn’t make sense.

Lets face it skating is a wild rabid social animal when you have a good session going. You have to embrace the noise. Especially at a public park. Tonight no less than ten guys had iPods on. I was enjoying this one kid display some magnificent board throwing and hockey temper skills. Why was he so pissed? Everybody kept coming into “his” line. OK, take the ear buds out rock star and you’ll be able to hear. Matter of fact take a deep breath and relax it’s skateboarding. If a little kid skates in front of you it’s not the end of the world you weren’t going to land that nollie heelflip anyways.

As long as we are on the topic let’s throw around some common sense. I mean if you were skating street and you rolled in front of a car odds are you’d get hit, right? But, if you aren’t rocking the iPod you’d hear that automobile and have a good chance of jumping to safety. So here’s the plea: can we please bring back the loud music to skating? I don’t care what it is. Just play it loud.

And if we are going to play music loud at a skate park may I recommend my first “Thursday Playlist?” Ha, yep that long winded tirade was only to get here. That’s right, here’s the music I was enjoying prior to the session on my technologically advanced hi-fi. I leave the selection on random but this is what came up. Either that or my dog is all over the map with her musical taste.

Thursday Playlist #1

1. Helmet – Unsung
Raise your hand if you bought the Helmet album in 1991 and have gone through 3 copies. Just me…crap.

2. Mudhoney – You Got It keep It Outta My Face
Mark Arm is a freak but god dman if he doesn’t make some howling music.

3. Beastie Boys – Pass the Mic
Returning form the ashes of Paulies Boutique sampling litigation with this track sampling Bad Brains. Very nice indeed.

4. The Black Keys – The Breaks
Let your freak flag fly!

5. Minor Threat – Minor Threat
I recently watched ‘American HarDCore‘ really good movie from the standpoint of having just missed that music scene. On the flip side uber hip music assholes get so hung up on fugazi they forget about Minor Threat. Raw angry young man music. Makes you feel young.

6. Foo Fighters – Walking a Line
How the fuck did this get left off ‘One by One’ ? It was included as a bonus track on the DVD and latter releases on a bonus CD. That’s a shame. Dave Grohl is the next Lemmy.

7. The Fratellis -Chelsea Dagger
Funny after my rant about iPod I was listening to a song by one of the bands they’ve pushed. Jangly poppy. hey the dog likes it.

8. Rolling Stones – Can’t You Hear me Knocking
Nothing like a little junkie rock to get your swagger on in the DC Humidity!

9. Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros – Get Down Moses
I got nothing here. I finally got around to buying Joe’s posthumous album ‘Street Core’ and this came on.

10. POTUSoA – Lunatic to Love
I saw the presidents for a re-united tour at the 9:30 club three years ago. They were on fire. They need to tour more often.

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