Strike That! Reverse it!

Lets be honest. There are only a few of us who remain on the planet that have the ability to say: “I remember when MTV played music videos.” To clarify by saying “a few” I mean a few million. We are not entirely special we were just lucky enough to be around when the medium gained speed and eventually died from lack of an outlet.

In terms of media it was a pretty narrow window before Viacom decided: “lets focus on the TV part and less on the music part.” But, somehow between Real World & Road Rules all day suckfests you can still find the occasional delight in the form of an audio burst with a stellar visual. Sure, they are few and far between but I saw one recently and I stopped to watch. Then I took the time to look it up … and watch again. The things was it reminded me of another video from a few years back. No big thing but two totally different styles of music who use the medium to take their songs to a new place.

The first one is a band is out of New Orleans they are called Mute Math & the song is called ‘Typical’. Then there’s Jack Johnson. Both videos run in reverse with the singers singing their songs backwards and when played forward with the track it all syncs up for a “Wait, what just happened” visual. In other words. save a bundle on effects and make the artist work their ass off to get it right. Not easy but it gets the job done. Check ’em both out and then catch up with me afterwards.

Mute Math — ‘Typical’ 2007

Jack Johnson — ‘Sitting, Waiting, Wishing’ 2005

OK, pretty basic stuff right? But, it does seem to elevate the respective artists music a little bit. Mute Math and Jack Johnson to wildly different styles of music. One filled to the gills with noise colliding to form a hot mess of melody. The other is nothing more than clean stripped down acoustic melody. Slap on the visual to both and you have a new little monster for mommy to take care of. Makes you kind of wish Real World would stop trying to be real and MTV would go back and live up to its name.

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