Mid – Day Gnar: ‘Picture this’ trailer

When you get to your mid thirties you really begin to cherish the small things that pop up in your day and bring out the smile. The simple stuff happens to us all. Yes sir, as a matter of fact it happens daily to young and old. It just also happens that youth is wasted on the young and in our younger days, or at least mine, I didn’t stop to look around. I missed lots of the simple things.

“Head down, eyes front, hands up mental guns a blazin’ and hustle, hustle, hustle” That was the sort of mantra everybody from the dot-bomb era let drive their life for several years. Now, firmly nestled in around 34 years of age I can sit back and take part in life but find time smile over a little something when it comes my way.

A few things are guaranteed to make me smile. A note from a friend who is getting a promotion, the mid day call from a loved ones, Joe Strummer popping up on random in the iPod. One of my top fives though is a nice sampling of mid-day gnar. Yep, when something so bad ass pops up I think “Ok, I need to go skate, ride, surf … right now”. And for the record I am craptacular surfer. Today I got caught up with some snowboarding stuff for 2008 and I stumbled over to the mack Dawg Productions site. When I finally got around to checking out their teaser trailer for ‘Picture This’ I was ready to buy my tickets to Argentina and book some heli time.

I can’t tell if they shot in hi-def or 16 mm but the shots seem crisper. On second thought it’s the whole package. Ranging from shot selection to crisp visuals, the drastic colors and amazing riding from the regular MDP stable along with some new heavy hitters. Overall it definitely goes off and makes you wonder why these guys even bother with things Like the X Games and the Olympics If this teaser is any example of how MDP is stepping up their game this year I can’t wait to see what else is on deck.

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